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tara Celtic Faery
Celtic Faery . . a free Celtic and Faery art, graphics, clipart, Celtic web graphics, knotwork, spirals, zoomorphic animals, fonts, desktop icons, free E-cards resourc.

Celtic Lady
Explore the world of the Celts! Original Celtic jewelry, computer art, fonts plus a page on horses. Info on Celtic symbols, history, culture, weddings.

The World Of Celtic Art
Until recently, Celtic Art has been regarded as a mysterious relic of an ancient culture. Truth is, they live here still ... Celts: They built no cities, founded no empires and never developed a written language; their legacy to us has been fragmentary. However, we have been able to piece things together and gain a fair understanding of the Celtic culture.

whack it out...
Homepage for Waterford-based internet and graphics designer Daire O'Neill.


Aon Celtic Art
Celtic Art & Illumination

A Ceramic Tile Company based in Cork City,Ireland,Makers of Handmade tiles in a Celtic and Contemporary Style, and ocasionally Raku fired.

Celtic Art Prints
Each print is signed by the artist making it an original and personalised Irish gift

celtic knots

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