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The Celtic Archive
The legendary Celts came to the British Isles from the Continent before the Romans. Since Neopaganism orginates in Britain, very many Neopagans find a lot of their inspiration in Celtic practices and Celtic beliefs.

Celtic Connection
A complete source for Wiccan, Witchcraft and Pagan knowledge & supplies. A place where followers of Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Druidry and Pagan beliefs meet to celebrate the magickal life.

The Celtic & Heraldic Centre
The Celtic and Heraldic Center of Louisville, Ky has proudly served the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh communities by providing access to Celtic History, imported food and clothing, and original and traditional artwork. Dedicated to the preservation of Celtic Culture, we welcome you to take a look around ....

Celtic culture in Russia
From the portal of you can reach the biggest Russian resources, realted to the culture, traditions or history of the Celts, as well to learn more about the Celtic music in Russia.

Goddess Page - Spells - Greek Mythology - Dragon Pics

Dublin City Public Libraries Homepage
Information & Cultural Heritage Services

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Fàilte Romhaibh! The Gaelic Homepage, a web site devoted to the language and culture of the Gaels, those people that speak or did speak any of the three Gaelic languages.

History Of Halloween
Halloween (the name) means the evening before All Hallows or All Saints' Day, which is Nov. 1.
All Saints' Day is observed by Roman Catholics, Episcopalians and Lutherans, to honor all the saints in Heaven, whether known or unknown.

Origins of Halloween
The ancient Celts called the festival Samhain (pronounced sow' an) and observed it to celebrate the onset of winter and the beginning of the Celtic New Year; "samhain" means "end of summer."

Mystic Places
Visit the world's most intriguing and mysterious places in's Mystic Places: Easter Island, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge and the mythical Atlantis.

Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary
This new reference work, already in its second printing, is an invaluable addition to the library of any Old Irish scholar and an indispensable aid for students learning Old Irish. It includes verbal paradigms for more than 50 verbs, listing both attested and reconstructed forms. Old Irish Verbs and Vocabulary also includes both Old Irish - English and English - Old Irish vocabulary sections, a perfect complement to E.G. Quin's Old-Irish Workbook. It is both more affordable and more easily used than the Royal Irish Academy's comprehensive Dictionary of the Irish Language.

St Patrick
St Patrick index of interesting sites on his life. St Brendan santing tuam

The Ulster Cycle
Heroic Myths and Legends from Ireland; an ongoing attempt to collect all the stories of the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology in one place

Witch Net Book of Shadows
Large collection of Spells, Rituals, and other Magickal information

Druiden Forum (german)
Hier gibt es vieles zu erfahren und zu lernen über die Kelten. Wer waren/sind die Kelten? Habt Ihr Fragen zu Göttern? Welche Aufgaben haben Druiden?

Halloween- und Geisterparty (german)
Das Word 'Halloween' kommt von 'All Hallows Eve'. 'All Hallows Eve' ist der Vorabend von 'All Hallows Day'

Kompage (German)
Diejenigen, die noch nichts mit den “alten Wegen” zu tun hatten und eventuell nur mal so am Rande etwas über Magie, Hexen und Heidentum gehört haben, bitte geht ohne Vorurteile an die kommenden Seiten.

Mystomania (german)
Altes Wissen soll der Vergangenheit entrissen, Vergessenes muß wiedergefunden werden!

Die Online-Edda (german)
Das alte Zauberbuch der Germanen

The Druid's World (german)
Y Gwyr y Ybryn Y byd..... Die Wahrheit gegen die Welt.....

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